01 setembro, 2009

Explode in your face

Ainda se recordam das histórias dos iPhones explosivos ?

Após investigação a Apple divulgou o seguinte:

Apple: iPhones cracked from outside pressure

Denying reports from Europe that faulty batteries caused "explosive" iPhones, Apple Friday said that cracked devices turned in by French customers had damage done from an outside force.

Bloomberg reports that an Apple spokesperson said that pressure was applied to the phones to make them crack in all cases investigated. Battery overheating reportedly did not cause any of the issues.

Earlier this month, Apple began an investigation into the allegations of explosive iPhones. That review began after the European Union's consumer safety division took notice of various complaints and media reports.

The incidents gained notoriety after a British family sought a refund for an iPod touch that they claimed exploded after it was dropped. Apple reportedly responded by asking the company to keep the terms of any agreement confidential.

Fonte AppleInsider

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